Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello all from Regretsy, April's Army and beyond!  Thanks so much for your donations, purchases from Katey's shop, and your kind messages!  It's a good thing that today is a holiday, because we're swamped (in a most excellent way) with messages and Etsy notifications.  If you have sent us a personal offer or question, thank you!  We will get back to you very soon and apologize for the delay.  Ron has just graduated and will be driving up to NY starting tomorrow, so Katey is trying her best to juggle emails. 

To answer one question: We do have a P.O. box.  Please contact us about individual in-kind donation possibilities so that we can give you the information.  This will ensure that we don't end up with unnecessary duplicates and stop spambots from sending us junkmail :-). You may email us at katey and ron at me dot com.

Much love to all and thanks for making our days a lot brighter.

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